Vinhomes Giang Vo is well known for its educational services

Customers are extremely satisfied with the Vinhomes Giang Vo facility

Vinhomes Giang Vo is a high-end residential real estate project of Vingroup Group in association with Tan Hoang Minh Group. With the most classy, ​​high end, best … will be available at Vinhomes Giang Vo. The service facilities in the project ensure the full and convenient for all needs of Vinhomes residents. Nor has Vingroup ever been so disappointed with its big projects. VINCOME, VINCAM, VINCAM, VINCAM, VINCAM, VINCAM, VINAPHIN, VINAPLES, VINCAMS, VINCAMS,

Vinschool is a high quality Vietnamese school system, which runs from kindergarten through high school, is equipped with the best educational conditions with the aspiration to become a brand name education system in Vietnam. International, inherit and promote the value and identity of the national education while distilling the essence of world science education. Especially located in the Vinhomes Giang Vo, parents can completely work peacefully without having to worry about the learning as well as the safety of children.

vinschool at vinhomes giang vo

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Explore the surprise in Vinhomes Giang Vo policy

Giang Vo connects important financial areas to the capital city of Hanoi with the number of people moving through busy crowded. According to the plan, the land plot at 148 Giang Vo (Giang Vo Exhibition) was transferred to the project of Trade Center, Cultural Service. This is a key project in Ba Dinh District of the investor to create a big brand as well as assert its position in the real estate market. It is usually a direct discount for early buyers or one-off payments. You will sign the contract of purchase and payment according to the payment schedule that the investor agreed and give to the customer. So when customers buy apartments in Vinhomes Giang Vo will inherit many benefits from the owners themselves.

The price paid for buying Vinhomes Giang Vo Apartment

The design of the Vinhomes Giang Vo apartment will be located at each corner of the building. The project is located right next to Giang Vo lake, it is expected that the project will supply to the market about 7000 apartments including 4000 luxury apartments and 3000 Officetel apartments. The five-bedroom basement at the martial arts precinct will cost about 8.5 – 12.5 billion. Along with the perfect service facilities in the complex with unique architectural luxury, Vinhomes Giang Vo will bring a perfect living up to the customer.

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